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Various bits of radio gear for sale (2 replies and 1 comment)

1 week ago
G1DMQ 1 week ago

IC-2350H VHF/UHF FM mobile transceiver in good clean working condition, complete with fist mike/hands free mike and remote PTT. Boxed with handbook. No mods. £75 o.n.o.

Bird Thruline wattmeter - no plug-in elements - just the meter. Tatty but working. £8

Pair of BT Freeway Pro PMR handies. 446Mhz. Nice working condition - with charger and handbook. £8

Brand new/boxed digital multimeter with engine analyser functions (tacho/dwell for 4/6/8 cylinder engines).  Also does usual volts/amps (15A)/ohms. Has a rubber outer case for rugged use. £12

Sealed lead acid leisure battery Ultramax 12v/38Ah with carry handle. Ideal for portable operation. Has had little use but charge has been properly maintained on a smart charger. £15

Pick up from Bicknacre

3 days ago
G0KOM 3 days ago

Have tried a few times to reply to this, is the Bird still available



Richard G7LEE
1 day ago
Richard G7LEE 1 day ago

I can't work out how to contact the OP either, but if the Icom is still up for grabs acf (dot) erminea (at) could get a sale

2 hours ago

Icom and Bird now both sold

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