Air Ambulances On The Air

Support your local air ambulance service, and get involved with International Air Ambulance Week

The UK has around 40 Air Ambulance aircraft in use, and most of these rely on donations from the public to keep them flying.

Each year in September, radio amateurs and clubs get together on-air to support the vital work of this life-saving service.

About the event

The nine-day event includes two weekends to help as many people as possible to get involved. Stations taking part are given a registration number, and there are awards for working as many Air Ambulance stations as possible.

Can you or your club get involved? Yes. By putting on a station, you’ll help to raise awareness for this vital life-saving service. If your local air ambulance service already has an event associated with it – no problem – the more stations on-air, the better!

To find out how to take part, go to the official International Air Ambulance Week site

Essex Ham Events

We’re proud to support the Essex Air Ambulance, and with the kind permission of the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust and the Anglian Flight Centres, we operate from the Airbase in Earl’s Colne, near Colchester, during the National Air Ambulance Week.

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