Essex Ham Internet Radio Stream

Want to have a listen to Essex Ham? Try our BETA TEST Internet Radio station. This service offers a selection of interviews and features about amateur radio, plus a live stream of our Monday Night Nets.

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We’re testing different players. Click on one of the following icons for our Shoutcast audio feed:

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Essex Ham Feed
Find our feed useful? We’d like to buy an audio mixer to allow us to improve the quality of our live Monday Night Net feed. If we get enough support, we’ll buy a Behringer USB Mixer, with compressor for a smoother sound & less mix clicks. Target is £80 for mixer & mic

24/7 Amateur Radio Station

We’re currently trialling a 24 hour Internet radio station that carries a mix of content. Over the last few years, we’ve collected a range of interviews and features, which have been included in some of our videos, or as audio podcasts (See Essex HJam Podcast).

We thought we’d compile the best bits of our features and interviews and make a scrolling radio station. Some of the material featuring on our Internet Radio stream includes:

  • An interview with the Essex CW Club, about how to get started with Morse code
  • John Bowen from the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society discussing the hobby and the heritage of radio in Essex
  • TV presenter Jason Bradbury, from Channel 5’s Gadget Show discussing amateur radio
  • Pete M0PSX and Kelly M6KFA visiting the Kempton Rally
  • Jim 2E0RMI and Tim Wander on 2MT Writtle an dthe Radio Emma Toc project in 2017
  • Tim Peake ISS Contact – A recording of the first amateur radio contact with Tim Peake on the ISS
  • The latest RSGB news, courtesy of TX Factor
  • Interview with Mike M7IR from SteppIR
  • Pete Waters, from retailer Waters & Stanton discussing the hobby on Phoenix FM
  • Various Interviews from Hamfest in Newark
  • The tech news headlines, courtesy of FrequencyCast

Any comments on our Internet Radio Station? We’d love to hear from you, with your thoughts. Please add a comment below