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As part of our quest to make it easier for new people to get into the hobby, Essex Ham offers a free Foundation Online Amateur Radio Training Course. Please take a look at the following short video to find out more about our course:

Our Internet-based amateur radio training course launched in 2015 and is designed to help newcomers to get started in the hobby. We launched the course in 2015, we helped nearly 300 people to get started in amateur radio in our first year.

Online Amateur Radio Training?

  • Do you want to study at home? Distance-learning course could be for you
  • Want to know what the exam is like? Have a dry run of a course before taking the plunge
  • Already on a club’s course? Great – our online course can help with revision
  • Need extra help? Struggling with a particular topic? Perhaps our videos or handouts can help
  • Struggle to learn from a book? Our course is a little more interactive.
  • Can’t find a local club to help? Our UK online courses run every month
  • The course is also useful for you if you can’t make regular courses, want to study at your own pace, or have a limited budget. Our course is free.

Note – Those looking to get an amateur radio licence will need to complete the Foundation practicals with a registered assessor, and sit the Foundation multiple-choice exam at one of the many centres in the UK. Clubs and assessors around the UK can help with training courses, practicals and exams. This course is intended to compliment other training in the UK, not to replace it.

The Foundation Online Course

Our online course is split into nine modules, each one with a full walkthrough of what you need to know for the syllabus, plus a short test at the end to make sure it’s all going in.

Essex Ham's Online Foundation Training Course
Essex Ham’s Foundation Online Training Course

The online Foundation course is supplemented by downloadable material, videos and training slides, and much of the content is based on our popular (and free) Foundation Training Slides, as used by several clubs across the UK.

We’re using an industry-standard Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver the course. Foundation Online has been designed by an RSGB Registered Trainer who has been involved with training for multiple amateur radio groups.

Courses currently run once a month, starting in the first week.
They typically run for 3 weeks.
Current Course: Started early March
Next Course: Starts 1st week in April

Enrolling on Foundation Online

We’re not charging for our online amateur radio training course. It’s free to join, and you don’t need to be a member of an amateur radio club to sign up.

If you’re currently studying for your Foundation, or are planning to start learning, please enter your details below, and we’ll be in touch with details of the next course.

Apply for Foundation Online
If you are interested in joining an upcoming Foundation Online course, please complete the following form. We will then send you our course summary, and ask you to confirm when you’d like to start.

Your Full Name
Your Email
Location (Town, City)
First half of postcode
When & where are you planning to take your Foundation exam?
Why are you interested in amateur radio?
Where did you hear about this course?
(if online, which site?)
Are you under 16?
(Supply email address for parent/guardian)
Under 16
Any other information?
I confirm that I am genuinely intending to sit the UK Foundation Exam
in the next six months, and can commit to 2 hours of study a week

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Got a question?

If you’ve got a question, check our Foundation Online Frequently-Asked-Questions section.

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