C12: I am outside the UK, can I apply?

Our Foundation Online course covers the UK amateur radio Foundation syllabus. The Foundation licence can only be used to transmit whilst in the UK only, so is of limited use to those outside the UK.

Those looking to get a UK licence that can be used overseas would need a UK “Full” licence, which can also only be taken in the UK currently.

Also note that the UK course covers UK licence conditions, which do not reply outside the UK.

If you are genuinely intending to visit the UK to sit the Foundation Exam in the next three months, you are welcome to apply, otherwise, we would ask you not to apply, so that we can allocate spaces to those in the UK intending to sit an upcoming exam.

Still want to take the course?

If you really want to take the course (perhaps just out of curiosity), we would ask that you make a donation of at least £5 GBP – this will help us to cover our costs and continue to allow us to offer our course for free to those within the UK.

More questions?

For answers to more course questions, see our Foundation Online FAQ

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