Mock Exams for UK Amateur Radio Exams

Taking mock exams before sitting your RSGB amateur radio exam is highly recommended – it gets you used to the style of multiple-choice questions that you might encounter, tests how well you’ve studied the course material, and highlights any weak areas. So, where can you find good mocks?

Course: Foundation Online

Example Mock QuestionOur free Foundation course has mock questions after each module, two mini-mock tests during the course (to check your progress) and a mock test at the end of the course – That’s 115 mock questions as part of the standard free course.

For people who are kind enough to make a donation at the end of the course, we make available a classroom with some bonus mock tests – That’s 5 full mocks and some extra module mocks – a total of 160 mock questions.


RSGB Mock Papers (PDF)

RSGB Mock PaperThe RSGB has some free mock papers on its website. At the time of writing, the following can be found on the RSGB site here: RSGB Mock Papers

  • Two Foundation papers – 26 mock questions
  • Two Intermediate papers – 45 mock questions
  • Two Full papers – 62 mock questions

These papers are based on genuine exam questions, so we recommend everyone tries these mocks.


Website: HamTrain

You can get access to various HamTrain Mocks (4, 6 or 11 mocks) for a small fee from the HamHub UK Patreon Community


Book: RSGB Exam Secrets

RSGB Exam Secrets BookThe RSGB publishes a book of exam questions. This includes questions for all three licence levels

At the time of writing, the book is available from Amazon (Kindle), or the RSGB (paperback):

The book is a little pricey (£15-£19), but does cover all 3 levels, so a good investment if you’re planning to study towards Full. Note: The syllabus changed in 2019, so make sure you buy the latest version (see thumbnail pic), as the pre-2019 version doesn’t cover the full syllabus


Book: Foundation Radio Revision Questions

Foundation Radio Revision QuestionsThis is an independent book containing over 200 mock questions for Foundation questions

At the time of writing, the book is available from Amazon (Kindle), or the RSGB (paperback):

We’ve not read the book ourselves, but the online reviews at Amazon appear very positive!


Websites (Various)

There are other websites that offer mock tests, but several have not been updated for the 2019 syllabus revision.

There’s one handy mock on the HabHub UK website: HamHub Mock.

The website offers mocks tests for all 3 levels, but note that these questions came from the website, which closed in 2018. The radiotutor site does not appear to have been updated for the 2019 syllabus revision. Whilst the questions are useful, they do not appear to cover the entire syllabus


Apps (Various)

UK Amateur Radio Mock TestsThere are various apps out there for both Apple iOS and Google. Here are the ones we know about.

  • UK Amateur Radio Mock Tests (Apple iPhone / iPad) – Created by Jonathan Gibbs, this supports the 2019 syllabus revision and at the time of writing has a rating of 3.6/5 on the Apple Store.
  • Ham Mocks UK (Apple iPhone / iPad) – Created by John Burns, the description does not make it clear whether this has been updated for the 2019 syllabus revision. At the time of writing, this app has a rating of 3.0/5 on the Apple Store.
  • Ham  Exam (Apple iPhone / iPad) – Mock papers for all three levels of the UK exam. The description does not make it clear whether this has been updated for the 2019 syllabus revision.  At the time of writing, this app has no ratings on the Apple Store.


Got any good suggestions or recommendations? Please add them as a comment below…


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