Ham Train Recommends

If you’re new to the hobby, you might be looking for some items to add to your amateur radio shack. Here are a few items that we’re happy to recommend:

Foundation Licence Manual “The Book”: Foundation Licence Manual

Cost is around £5, and available as a Paper version or Kindle Version

Intermediate Licence Manual Intermediate Licence Manual

After your Foundation, comes Intermediate. The book’s about £9, and is available as a Paper version or Kindle Version

RSGB Full Manual Full Licence Manual

After Intermediate comes the Full licence, and the manual for that is about £12, and is available as a Paper version

Exam Secrets Book RSGB Exam Secrets

Need some extra help? This book contains a summary of the main points for each of the 3 levels, plus lots of mock questions to try out. Paper version

Baofeng UV-5R 2m / 70cm 5 watt handheld

The Baofeng UV-5R is a basic 2m.70cm handheld recommended to get you started:

You can buy a Baofeng from Amazon: Baofeng UV-5R – from Amazon

Want a pre-programmed Baofeng with UK repeater settings installed? Service available from Prepcomm UK (who’s also the Genie on our training webinars!)

Realtek SDR Dongle USB Software Defined Radio

Listen to the bands on your computer with this USB software-defined radio – priced from £10-£15

USB Software Defined Radio Dongle at Amazon.

Also available from our friends at Hamtronics UK

2m Slim Jim Slim Jim Antennas

Looking to make a handy 2m antenna? The Slim Jim is one of the easiest to make. We’re happy to recommend the Slim Jim Antenna Kit sold by our friend at Hamtronics UK:

SlimJim at Hamtronics UK

Hamtronics Uk LongWire Antenna LongWire Multiband Antenna (80M-10M) NEW

HAMTronics.uk LongWire Multiband Antenna (80M-10M) with 9:1 Matching transformer. Perfect for portable operating or small gardens

HAMTronics.Uk Long Wire Antenna Kit 80m-10m

Hamtronics UK Adaptor Kit Getting Started Adapter Kit

One vital item for the amateur radio toolkit is a connection of the most common adaptors. Our friends at Hamtronics UK can supply a set of the 11 most common adaptors:

Adaptor Kits at Hamtronics UK

RSGB Yearbook RSGB Yearbook

A book full of callsigns, repeaters, clubs and very handy information – this is the annual yearbook from the RSGB.

RSGB Yearbook

Stealth Antennas Book RSGB Stealth Antennas Book

Got a small garden and want to set up an effective antenna without upsetting the neighbours? We recommend the Stealth Antenna book

RSGB Stealth Antennas Book

RSGB Radcom RSGB Membership & Radcom

You may want to consider joining the national body that protects and supports amateur radio.

Benefits of joining include: Radcom monthly magazine (and Radcom Basics), book discounts, contests and awards, free Bletchley Park entry, Planning & EMC advice and more.

Occasionally, there are some special offers for signing up – at the time of writing… free RSGB book vouchers, and you’ll be helping us too! RSGB Membership Offers

Note that we make a small commission from some of the items on this page. This helps to fund our free courses.