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This page is for students on our Foundation Online course to get access to additional course material.

On this page, you’ll find files related to the Foundation Online training course. This includes links to downloadable slides, and a full video of each module.

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Section Slides Video
1. Welcome to Amateur Radio
Powerpoint .odp Google YouTube Video
2. Technical Basics
Powerpoint .odp Google YouTube Video
3. Transmitters & Receivers
Powerpoint .odp Google YouTube Video
4. Feeders & Antennas
Powerpoint .odp Google YouTube Video
5. Propagation
Powerpoint .odp Google YouTube Video
6. Licence Conditions
Powerpoint .odp Google YouTube Video
7. EMC
Powerpoint .odp Google YouTube Video
8. Safety
Powerpoint .odp Google YouTube Video
9. Operating Procedures
Powerpoint .odp Google YouTube Video
Quick Revision N/A N/A N/A YouTube Video
MP3 Audio

The videos and slideshows contain the same information as can be found in the main modules, as some students prefer to study using video or with slides. Slides are available in three formats: Microsoft PowerPoint (free viewers are available), OpenOffice, and Google Slides (No software required).

Essex Ham Foundation Training Slides
Essex Ham Foundation Training Slides

Quick Revision Video & Audio:

The following Quick Revision Video may be handy when studying. It doesn’t cover the entire syllabus, just some of the more difficult areas.

It was put together for those looking for a single video that covers some of the more tricky areas of the syllabus, in a fairly short package. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful:

Hints & Tips Video:

We’ve created a video covering some of the more important hints and tips for those taking their Foundation exam:

Just Passed? What’s Next?

If you’ve just passed your UK amateur radio Foundation exam, you might be wondering what happens next. How do you get your callsign? What sort of radio and antenna should you look at? How do you make that first contact? What else do you need to know? This short video answers some of the questions we’re often asked by brand-new Foundation licence-holders.

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