Foundation Online: Quick Revision Video & Audio

This page contains material that forms part of the Essex Ham Foundation Online training course, and is intended for those studying using our online course.

Syllabus Changes from 1st of September 2019

1st Sept The RSGB has changed the Foundation syllabus for exams after 1st September 2019, with exams becoming harder! Material currently on our website is only suitable for exams BEFORE 1st September 2019. Do not use this for exams after 1st September.

  • Student? If you’re looking to take an exam AFTER 1st September, please add your details on our Course Registration page, and we’ll be in touch when we’re able to help with new course material.
  • Tutor/Club? Join our Tutor Discussion Group where we can help with slides and videos for the new syllabus.

Quick Revision Video:

The following video is intended for revision, and does not cover the entire syllabus. It was put together for those looking for a single video that covered some of the more tricky areas of the syllabus in a fairly short package. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful.

Download Video MP4 file – Right-click and Save the following file: Foundation Online – Quick Revision

Quick Revision Audio:

We’ve been asked to produce an audio revision guide, so that people can download it for playback in a car, when commuting, or during a spare moment. We’ve created an mp3 audio version of the video, which you can listen to online, or download to your smartphone / mp3 player. Hopefully, this is of use.


Download Audio MP3 file – Right-click and Save the following file:
Foundation Online – Quick Revision

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