Foundation Online: Quick Revision Video & Audio

This page contains material that forms part of the Essex Ham Foundation Online training course, and is intended for those studying using our online course.

Quick Revision Video:

The following video is intended for revision, and does not cover the entire syllabus. It was put together for those looking for a single video that covered some of the more tricky areas of the syllabus in a fairly short package. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful.

YouTube Version

You can make the video full-screen by clicking the square icon in the video’s bottom-right.

Quick Revision Audio:

We’ve been asked to produce an audio revision guide, so that people can download it for playback in a car, when commuting, or during a spare moment. We’ve created an mp3 audio version of the video, which you can listen to online, or download to your smartphone / mp3 player. Hopefully, this is of use.


Download Audio MP3 file – Right-click and Save the following file:
Foundation Online – Quick Revision

Quick Revision Sheet:

A handy one-page PDF, our Foundation Revision Sheet. You can’t take this into the exam, but it’s a handy quick reference guide!

Foundation Revision Sheet
Click the image to view and download the Foundation Revision Sheet

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