Foundation Training Videos

On this page, you’ll find our collection of videos related to amateur radio Foundation training in the UK.

If you’re studying for your Foundation course, we hope you’ll find these a help.

Syllabus Changes from 1st of September 2019

1st Sept The RSGB has changed the Foundation syllabus for exams after 1st September 2019, with exams becoming harder! Material currently on our website is only suitable for exams BEFORE 1st September 2019. Do not use this for exams after 1st September.

  • Student? If you’re looking to take an exam AFTER 1st September, please add your details on our Course Registration page, and we’ll be in touch when we’re able to help with new course material.
  • Tutor/Club? Join our Tutor Discussion Group where we can help with slides and videos for the new syllabus.

About Foundation Training

General videos about amateur radio and how to get started:

Taste of Amateur Radio (2 min overview)

Taste of Amateur Radio (4 min overview)

Foundation Course Content (6 mins)

Newcomer’s Experiences (2 mins)

Foundation Modules

A video presentation on each of the modules – part of our free Foundation Online training course:

Getting Started Video
1: Getting Started
Technical Basics Video
2: Technical Basics
Transmitters & Receivers Video
3: Transmitters & Receivers
Feeders & Antennas Video
4: Feeders & antennas
Propagation Video
5: Propagation
Licence Conditions Video
6: Licence conditions
EMC Video
7: EMC
Safety Video
8: Safety
Operating Procedures Video
9: Operating Procedures

Foundation Practicals & Exam

For Foundation, you’re required to complete some practical exercises. here is a video of what’s involved:

Station Setup


Morse Appreciation

Foundation Exam

Foundation Online Training Course

A short video showing how our free online training course works.

Free Foundation Online Course


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