UK Amateur Radio Training Resources

On this page, you’ll find links to information that may be helpful for UK trainers and tutors looking to deliver amateur radio training at Foundation, Intermediate or Full (Advanced).

Syllabus Changed in September 20221st Sept The RSGB changed the Foundation syllabus for exams taken after the 31st of August 2022. Some of the third-party resources linked to from this page relate to the pre-Sept 2019 syllabus. Please check before use!

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Training Slides & Material

We offer a full set of training slides for Foundation, which can be used by any UK trainers. See Ham Train Foundation Slides  (updated for the 2022 syllabus)

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Training Videos

We offer a range of free videos. See Ham Train Video Resource. Content includes:

  • Getting Started / Welcome to Amateur Radio
  • 9 videos, for each area of the Foundation syllabus
  • Others on soldering basics and interference

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Online / Distance Learning Courses

We run a successful free Foundation Online course. See Foundation Online. A tutor test version is available for UK tutors considering making use of it for their students.

For a list of all online courses in the UK that we know of, see UK Online Training Courses

Course Handouts

Student Study Information

Student Guides (post exam)

On the Essex Ham site, you will find a series of Getting Started Guides, available as web pages and one-page PDFs. See: Essex Ham Getting Started Guides. Topics covered include:

  • How to get your callsign
  • Just licensed – what next?
  • Your first handheld
  • Setting up your station
  • Using repeaters
  • Setting up QRZ
  • Setting up eQSL
  • Operating Hints
  • Introduction to HF
  • Working Portable
  • Using D-Star
  • Using Echolink
  • Several guides on various Data Modes

Mock Papers and Online Tests

Our free Foundation Online course includes tests after each module, a mid-point mock test and a full mock at the end of the course. Students can enrol here: Foundation Online Course

See also:

  • RSGB Mock Papers: Foundation, Intermediate, Full
  • RadioTutor – This site runs mock tests for all three levels using the HamTests data: RadioTutor (Not updated for latest syllabus)
  • For Apple iOS, search “UK Amateur Radio Mock Tests” for the apps by Jonathan Gibbs

Course Preparation Material

Running Courses

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