Foundation Online Stats 2019

Here is a quick summary of our 2019 Foundation Online courses, for those interested in stats.

This year’s numbers are lower than previous years, as we stopped for 5 months to so that we could update the course material for the new RSGB syllabus.

Our last complete course before the break was in June 2019, with a record of 82 candidates looking to complete before the syllabus change. We ran a small course in July for some last-minute candidates, and restarted in December 2019, breaking the record with 85 attendees.

Total 2019 Students: 394
Courses in 2019: 8
Average class attendance: 49.3
Peak: 85 attendees (December 2019)

Age Profile

Foundation Online 2019 Age Profile
Foundation Online 2019 Age Profile

Enrolments Map

Foundation Online Candidates 2019
Students on a Ham Train Foundation Online course in 2019 (Click to open larger map)

Course Material

The major work this year was to update the course to support the new RSGB syllabus. This has meant re-recording videos, re-writing classroom modules, creating new mock questions, and updating the slides. For interest, here is a breakdown of the PowerPoint slide count, showing how many new slides have had to be created to support the new content.

Section Old Slides New Slides % difference
Technical Basics 12 21 75%
Transmitters & Receivers 13 23 77%
Feeders & Antennas 15 22 47%
Propagation 6 8 33%
Licence Conditions 14 14 0%
EMC 15 22 47%
Safety 7 18 157%
Operating Procedures 11 18 64%
Total 93 146 57%


Course Information

Our Foundation Online courses are FREE and cover the UK Amateur Radio Foundation Syllabus.

Courses are run monthly at the start of each month, and lessons are delivered in 9 modules (an average of 3 a week) using an Industry-standard online classroom.

More information here: Ham Train’s Foundation Online


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