RSGB Syllabus Update

The new RSGB syllabus for Foundation, Intermediate and Full was released on the 15th of August 2018.

RSGB Syllabus Review History:

  • May 2013: RCF Exam Committee agreed to start on a 3-4 year syllabus review, in conjunction with RSGB TEC (RCF EC report May 2013)
  • June 2014: RCF Exam Committee had started a 2-3 year syllabus review (RCF EC report June 2014)
  • April 2016: ESC and TEC still working on a new syllabus expected for publication in April 2017 (RSGB ESC report April 2016)
  • May 2017: ESC and TEC still working on a new syllabus. Draft nearly complete (RSGB ESC report May 2017)
  • June 2017: Draft version of new syllabus published for consultation (RSGB ESC Website)
  • May 2018: New Syllabus completed and approved by Ofcom (RSGB ESC report May 2018)
  • August 2018: Approved syllabus due to be published

RSGB Syllabus Consultation

The RSGB released an 86-page draft syllabus review document in June 2017. The RSGB received over 200 responses to the consultation. Our own survey elicited over 275 comments, and we also run a tutor’s straw poll. Our own submission was made to RSGB, combining feedback from over 300 amateurs and trainers. Some links:

Essex Ham’s Submission to RSGB


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