Foundation: On-Air VHF QSO Practical

Until 2021, the UK amateur radio Foundation course included a practical session on how to use a VHF radio and making your first contact (known as a QSO).

The practicals are longer a requirement, but our video on the subject might be old help / interest, to show what was involved:


Sample VHF QSO Sheet

When making your first contact on VHF using the calling channel, it can help to have a guide in front of you. We’ve created a one-page handout that can be used on training to help. Feel free to download and print the following short script, which you’ll see us using in the video


The above contact is quite formal, so here is an example of a more casual 2m contact:


Practicals Abolished

With effect from 1st October 2021, the Foundation Practicals have been abolished – no need to do any practicals at Foundation-level. Here’s the official RSGB announcement

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