E2: How do I book my exam?

The steps to book an online Foundation exam are as follows:

  • Make sure you’ve properly studied. The pass mark is 19/26, and we’d encourage those taking our free Foundation Online course to make sure you get at least 19 in our end-of-course mock.
  • Check that you have a suitable Windows or Mac computer for the exam, stable Internet connection and a webcam – as per the specifications listed here
  • Book your online exam via the RSG’s website: RSGB Book an Exam and make payment of the exam fee (£27.50)
  • About a week before the exam, the RSGB will be in touch re. next steps, which include installing the special exam software and a pre-exam video call with RSGB

If you need to call the RSGB Exam team, the number is 01234-832700 (8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday), although note that they are very busy at the moment

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