E3: When should I book my exam?

One of our most common questions, and the answer is really up to you.

At the time of writing (mid-April 2020) there is a lot of demand for online exams, with a lead time of around 3-4 weeks – some are lucky enough to get cancellation slots, and some are waiting longer.

When you book the exam is up to you. The sensible answer is to suggest that you only book when you’re comfortable you’ve done enough study. The pass mark is 19/26 and when you’re comfy that you’ll be able to get this mark in the exam, that’s a sign that you should be ready for the exam itself.

We’d encourage those taking our free Foundation Online course to make sure you get at least 19 in our end-of-course mock. As our course contains numerous online tests, this will prepare you for the actual online test, so is great preparation.

Alternatively, you could book now to get the first available place, and hope you’ll be prepared enough in time – some are better at studying than others, and some like the pressure. The worst that could happen is that you find you’re struggling with the material, you start getting stressed by the approaching exam, or worst-case, you take the exam before you’re ready, and fail. If that happens – simply take it again (note you need to pay RSGB £27.50 per exam attempt).

For answers to other common questions, see the HamTrain FAQ.

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