C26: Can’t print the 4-page exam booklet?

In our free online training course, we recommend that you print the 4-page exam booklet. You’ll need a printed copy for your actual exam – but what happens if you don’t have a printer?

  • Perhaps you have a friend or family member with a printer who can help you out?
  • Perhaps you have a printer at work?
  • You can often print things at a local library
  • Otherwise, there are several print shops out there who can help.

If you’re just studying, you can always simply refer to the online PDF version (see 4-page exam booklet) and most of the material in the booklet is also in the Foundation Manual – You will need a printed version for the actual exam though.

As a last resort:

  • If you have paid for an exam, have an upcoming exam and need a printed copy for your exam, contact the RSGB exam team before the exam date, to see if they can post you one.
  • If you’re a member of a local amateur radio club, can they help you?
  • If you’re really stuck, we can print one out for you and post it. We’d appreciate a donation to cover postage (Donate to Ham Train)


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