E14: Can I do my exam on an iPad?

No. The RSGB uses software called developed by a company called TestReach, and the software only runs on the Windows or Mac Operating system. The exam software doesn’t run on an Apple iPad.

Not got a suitable device for the RSGB exam? Don’t worry as there are several options:

  • Borrow a Windows or Mac device from a friend or family member
  • Arrange to take your exam at a location that has a Windows or Mac computer
  • Talk to your local amateur radio club(s), to see if they have equipment that they can lend you
  • Contact your local club to see if they can arrange a paper-based exam for you.
  • Try contacting a local amateur to see if you can borrow a PC or Mac for the exam, or let you visit for an hour
  • Use a community site such as NextDoor to see if a friendly neighbour or community centre can help
  • Try asking for help from a local via Essex Ham – https://www.essexham.co.uk/help

See What computer hardware do I need for the exam? for more.


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