UK Amateur Radio Training Survey 2021

A short survey will be released on 22nd May 2021. This is being conducted to assess the state of amateur radio training in the UK, with special emphasis on looking at ways to encourage and support clubs and amateur radio groups with their training.

Who is the survey for?

The Training Survey 2021 is open to anyone in the UK:

  • currently involved with amateur radio training,
  • thinking of getting involved with training, or
  • involved with running an amateur radio club or group

To take part in the 2021 Training Survey, please go to

The results of the survey will be collated and passed to the RSGB, and a summary of findings will be published online on this page.

The survey will remain open until Monday the 28th of June 2021.

Looking for the results?

If you’d like an email when the results are published, please sign up to the Ham Train Tutor’s Newsletter or the Ham Train Group


Clubs Who’ve Taken Part

Thanks to the following clubs who’ve taken part (as of 27-May-21 1400):

Aberdeen ARS
Aberystwyth & District ARS
Angel of the North ARC
Basingstoke ARC
Bath Based Distance Learning
Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur’s Club
Bolsover ARS
Bolton Wireless Club
Bracknell ARC
Bredhurst Transmitting & Receiving Society
Bromley & District ARS
Buxton Radio Amateurs
Caithness ARS
Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association
Christchurch ARS
Cockenzie & Port Seton ARC
Cornish Radio Amateur Club
Denby Dale ARS
Dragon ARC
Dudley & district ARS
Edinburgh & District ARC
Essex Ham
Flight Refuelling ARS
Guildford & District RS
Halifax & District ARS
hambleton ars
Hereford ARS
Hinckley Amateur Radio & Electronics Society
Huntingdonshire ARS
Invicta Contest Group
Isle of Wight Radio Society
Kings Lynn ARC
Leyland & District Amateur Radio
Livingston & district ars
Lomond RC
London Hackspace ARC
Lothians RS
Loughton & Epping Forest ARS
Medway ARTS
Mid Lanark ARS
Morecambe Bay ARS
Newbury & District ARS
North Wales ARG
Northampton Scouts ARG
Nuneaton & District ARC
Nunsfield House ARG
Oldham ARC
Online Amateur Radio Community
Ormiston Horizon Academy Radio Club
Otley ARS
Paisley ARC
Peterborough & District ARC
Poole Radio Society
Quantum Amateur Radio & Technology Society
Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain
RAF Waddington ARC
Risca & District ARS
Rugby Amateur Transmitting Society
Sandringham School ARC
Sidmouth ARS
South Bristol ARC
South Normanton, Alfreton & District ARC
South Notts ARC
Stafford & District ARS
Stafford Rugeley Sea Cadets
Staffordshire Portable ARC
Stirling & District ARS
Stirlings Electronics & Radio Society
Telford & District ARS
Thornbury & South Gloucestershire ARC
Thurrock Acorns ARC
University of Sussex ARS
Wakefield & District RS
Warrington ARC
Wirral ARS
Wokingham U3A Radio Group
Wolverhampton ARS
Wythall Radio Club


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