E11: What webcam do I need for the exam?

For exams taken at home, you need a webcam. This is so that the invigilator can monitor you during the exam to check that you’re not cheating. You’ll also need a microphone and speakers, so that the examiner can hear you and speak to you. Many webcams have a built-in microphone.

The exam invigilator will ask you to move your webcam around, asking you to point the camera around the room. They need to check out the entire room, to prevent cheating. For this reason, you have to be able to point the webcam where instructed.

If you have a webcam that’s built-in to your laptop, this should be fine. You can also use a USB webcam. A fixed, non-movable webcam (like a wall-mounted webcam) is not ideal.

RSGB will arrange a test video call before the exam, where you get a chance to test your webcam before the exam.

Basic WebcamNot got a moveable webcam? A basic webcam costs around £15. These typically plug into a free USB port on your Windows / Mac computer. If you don’t have a webcam, buy yourself a cheap one online (or in larger supermarkets), or borrow one for the exam.

Want to buy one online? See: Webcams on Amazon or Webcams on e-Bay

Exam Video

The following video explains how the exam works:

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