E22: Is my room suitable for the exam?

If you’re taking your exam at home, then you will be monitored over a webcam during your exam, and before the exam starts, the invigilator will check that your room is suitable.

We’re sometimes asked what makes a room suitable/unsuitable – that will be up to the invigilator, but here is some basic guidance:

  • No visible notes – As a reminder, you are only allowed the 4-page exam booklet during your exam, so notebooks, manuals, etc need to be kept out of the exam room. Similarly, wallpapering the Ohms Law triangle all around the room is a no-no
  • No other computers / devices – You’re not allowed to look answers up online, so no second computer, second monitor, extra laptop, no phones and tablets. You may also be asked to remove any smartwatch you may be wearing, and it’s a good idea to remove smart speakers
  • No-one else in the room, or able to enter the room – For obvious reasons, there should be no-one else in the room, or able to enter the room during the exam

It’s all common-sense stuff – the invigilator needs to be sure that you aren’t able to cheat.

Normally, you’ll have a test call with your invigilator in the week before your exam – they will check out your room via webcam and can advice you. They’ll check again on the day of the exam, and on the day other checks are made to ensure no cheating.

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