C12: How many modules are there?

The online training course consists of nine modules, which are delivered as follows:

1 Getting Started

The basics of UK amateur radio, and what you need to know about the hobby.

2 Technical Basics

Symbols, formulas, components and frequencies.

3 Transmitters & Receivers

A look at transmitter & receiver block diagrams, and modulation types.

4 Feeders & Antennas

Types of feeders, connectors, types of antenna and matching.

5 Propagation

A look at radio waves, the differences between HF and VHF/UHF, and the Ionosphere.

Half-way Mini-Mock (13 Questions)
6 Licence Conditions

This module covers Ofcom, callsigns, restrictions, licences and band plans.


Causes of interference, minimising interference, earthing and correct station setup.

8 Safety

Dangers of voltage, current, and RF burns. Shack and antennas safety.

9 Operating Practices and Procedures

Operating on-air, using repeaters, band plans and handling abuse.

End of course-Mock (26 Questions)

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