C1: How does the course work?

The course runs online and is accessed from a web browser. Once you’ve enrolled, you’re given access to an online classroom.

There are 9 modules in the course. A new module is released every 2 or 3 days.

You have a choice of how to study for each module:

  • You can read our course material from pages within the classroom
  • You can watch our narrated videos
  • You can look at our slides, which contain the revision bullet points

Here is a picture of one of our modules within the classroom:

HamTrain Course Screenshot
HamTrain Course – View of Module 1

After each module, there is a short multiple-choice quiz to see how you did with each module.

At the end of the course, after each of the 9 modules is complete, there’s a final mock test to give you a feel of how you may do in the actual exam.

This video explains what to expect from the course:


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