E6: What can I take into the exam?

What you can take with you:

According to the EX500 rulebook, you can have the following with you for the exam:

  • You are allowed to use the 4-page exam booklet in the exam. For exams taken at home, you can print the booklet, but it must be free from additional notes.
  • You can take a pen, pencil and a soft rubber
  • You can use a silent, non-programmable calculator (see using a calculator FAQ)
  • You can take a drink and sweets (remove excess packaging)
  • You’re allowed a mascot (!)
  • Blank paper may be permitted by some examiners (although it’s not actually stated in the rules, so check first)
  • A non-electronic translation dictionary is allowed where appropriate

What’s not allowed:

  • No written notes
  • No course books
  • No phones / smartwatches
  • No additional computers

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