C11: I suffer from dyslexia. Is this course suitable?

Depending on the type of dyslexia, our course can help.

Each module comes with a fully-narrated video that you can watch and listen to, without the need to read through course material, or the book.

Our course includes various multiple-choice tests.

The software that we use supports screen readers – software that reads out the words on a page

Courses are accessed from a web browser, so you can change the font type and size as needed, using any web browser.

For a video showing how our course works, see below:

Not suitable?

Other types of learning are possible, including:

  • RAIBC offers spoken mp3 versions of training material – RAIBC
  • Other online courses are available, some of which use Zoom for personal training – Online Training Courses
  • Local amateur radio clubs may be able to offer other types of training, including one-to-one – Amateur Radio Clubs

The Exam

The exam is run by the RSGB, and is a 26-question multiple-choice test. Extra help is available from the RSGB for those with dyslexia, and we suggest you contact RSGB to discuss what help is available.

Call the RSGB Exam team on 01234-832700 (8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday)

Video – Need Extra Help with Foundation Study or Exam?

See also: Amateur Radio Exams and Dyslexia

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