Usage of Tutor Resources

As part of our desire to help support training, clubs and tutors, we make much of our training material available for free use by clubs and tutors. If you’d like to use our material, we do have a couple of common-sense requirements:

Using Slides & Videos:

If you are part of a UK amateur radio training group, or you’re an amateur radio tutor, we’re happy for you to make use of these slides if you feel that the material would be helpful. Please note the following usage conditions:

  • Material created by Essex Ham remains the IPR and copyright of the owners of
  • These slides can only be used by non-profit organisations in the UK, for the benefit of amateur radio training, on the condition that the original source, “Ham Train” and/or “Essex Ham” is acknowledged
  • You are not permitted to remove the “Ham Train” / “Essex Ham” branding, re-brand the slides as your own, or give the impression that you created, or own, the content
  • Commercial use, commercial distribution and/or sale of this material is strictly prohibited.
  • We would ask that you let us know that your group / club is using our slides and videos – that way, we can let you know of updates and new training material. You can do this by registering as a tutor on our site or by sending us a message. You may also want to sign up to our Tutor’s Newsletter to get updates.

Our training material may be copied and distributed to students and instructors on UK Foundation training courses, subject to the conditions stated above. We ask that the material is not re-published online or in electronic format (to prevent out-of-date copies from circulating and causing confusion).

Essex Ham reserves the right to remove and/or retract permission to make use of its training material


The material created by Essex Ham is for training purposes. It has been created in good faith to assist students and trainers. The content creators and site owners accept no liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies in this material. If you decide to use this material, you are encouraged to check that you have the latest version, that the material is current and accurate, and that it is appropriate for your needs. The material is supplied as-is, and we hope that you find it of use.

Suggestions and Updates?

Our slidesets and training material continue to evolve. If you spot something that’s inaccurate, that we could do better, or have a request / suggestion, please get in touch. Where possible, we’ll update the material and make new content available.

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To make a comment, or for any questions, please email Essex Ham