E19: Where can I get some mock exams?

There are plenty of options for mock tests:

Mocks from us

During our online course we have a mid-course mock, and at the end of the course, a full mock test.

There is an option to get some more mocks from us. We’re very grateful to those who take part in our courses and find them so useful that they want to say “thanks” with a donation. For those who complete our course, and are kind enough to make a donation, we offer a “thank you” in the form of some “bonus mock tests” – these are in a dedicated Schoology classroom separate from the main course. From here, you can take a further 5 mock tests if you wish – which some may find handy in the run-up to an exam. Also, if you’ve made a donation, you can ask for a PDF “Certificate of Completion”.

If you’ve finished the course, found it useful and fancy making a small donation to help us to continue to run these courses – we can send you a certificate and some extra mocks as a “thanks”. If you decide to make a donation, you can do so here: www.essexham.co.uk/train/thanks

Other mocks

You can download free mock papers from the RSGB Mocks Page.

There are also apps for Apple iOS and Android phones that offer mock tests on your smartphone.

There are also other websites offering mock tests – although make sure they are for the syllabus that started from 1st September 2019, not the older syllabus.

Finally, there’s also the RSGB Exam Secrets book that contains additional mock questions.

See also: Amateur Radio Mock Exams


Any more questions? See our Course & Exam FAQ

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