RSGB Amateur Radio Brickworks Scheme

RSGB BrickworksThe UK’s Foundation licence is a great way for people to get started in amateur radio – but it only goes so far. Once you have your first amateur radio licence, there’s still a lot to learn, and a lot of aspects of the hobby to try… and that’s where the RSGB’s new scheme aims to help.

Originally launched as “The RSGB Beyond Exams Club Scheme” in 2020, this was relaunched as “RSGB Brickworks” in 2022 – Brickworks was the initiative’s original name when first created for the Southport & District Amateur Radio Society.

What is Brickworks

The Brickworks Scheme is intended to help newcomers on their amateur radio journey by getting them to take part in various activities and build on their skills – some have likened this to the “Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme” for amateur radio.

The aim is that a network of the UK’s clubs will adopt the scheme, meaning that newcomers will be able to visit their local club, work through the various tasks, and receive a certificate to acknowledge their achievement.

What are the Brickworks activities?

here is a summary of the Brickworks activities:

“Having a Go”
  • Log 50 VHF/UHF contacts (any mode, 3GHz)
  • Log 3 contacts with stations in your home country (any mode)
  • Log 50 HF contacts using CW or Phone modes.
  • Log 50 HF contacts using data modes.
  • Log 10 contacts using SSTV or FSTV
  • Log 10 contacts using digital voice modes (e.g. DMR, D-Star, Fusion)
  • Log a contact through a satellite, or with the International Space Station.
“Getting Involved”
  • Activate a Summits on the Air (SOTA) summit.
  • Log 20 contacts in different Worked All Britain (WAB) squares.
  • Log 10 successful contacts in a contest.
  • Help your club set up a special event station
  • Operate and/or log at a special event station
“Taking Part”
  • Attend 6 club meetings
  • Take part in 6 club nets
  • Help out at your club regularly (anything from making the tea to joining the committee)
  • Make a presentation to the club on any amateur radio related subject
  • Take part in a RAYNET event
  • Help to organise a club activity
  • Build a piece of amateur radio-related equipment
  • Write an amateur radio-related piece of software or design a simple website
“Promoting Amateur Radio”
  • Introduce someone who goes on to start a Foundation course
  • Attend a rally or exhibition to promote your club
  • Help run a training course at your club

How can I take part? (For Clubs)

If you’re involved with running a club and want to take part, you can apply online to become a Brickworks accredited club.

How can I take part? (For Newcomers)

If you’re looking to find a local club offering Brickworks, use the RSGB Brickworks Club Locator

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Your thoughts?

We’d love to get your thoughts on the Brickworks scheme, especially if you’re working towards a Brickworks Certificate. Please add your comments below.

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