Promoting the Hobby and Your Club

There are two strands to promotion:

  • Promoting the hobby (no non-Amateurs), and
  • Promoting your club to existing amateurs

Promoting the Hobby

  • Does your club run public events?
    • If so, are you following best practice on getting out the right message?
  • When did you club last get a piece in the local paper?
  • When did you club last get interviewed by a local radio station?
  • Do you work with local groups with related interests
  • What literature do you circulate locally?
  • What do you have on your website to explain and promote the hobby?
  • How effectively do you use social media to connect to local interest sites and influencers?

Promoting your Club

  • How up-to-date is your website?
  • Does your club attend local amateur events and “sell itself”?
  • Do you co-operate with your neighbouring clubs?
  • Do you feature in Radcom and Practical Wireless, and on Southgate to shout about what you do?
  • Does your committee visit other clubs and network?


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