RSGB to launch Brickworks Scheme

The RSGB is set to launch an initiative called ‘Brickworks‘ shortly. This is part of a suite of schemes under the umbrella of “Beyond Exams”. The Brickworks scheme appears to be aimed at retention and progression – keeping new starters to the hobby interested in amateur radio, gaining skills and staying in the hobby. This page is a placeholder in preparation for the scheme’s launch, and will be the landing page for Essex Ham’s support for the initiative.

The scheme was scheduled for launch in 2019, but it has been delayed. Details of the RSGB Brickworks scheme haven’t been released yet, but here’s what we know, based on information in the public domain (which may or may not be 100% accurate)

Update Jan 2020:

The RSGB site now reports the following: “The Beyond Exams suite supports the priorities from the RSGB’s Strategy 2022. In particular, it covers our strategic objectives to encourage participation, grow the hobby and highlight the diversity of amateur radio activities. Over the next few months, we are piloting two new Beyond Exams schemes in Region 13 (East Midlands). Each is designed to help amateurs get the most from the hobby but they can be accessed in different ways.”

Clubs taking part that we know of: Leicester RS, Worksop ARS.

Once the pilot is completed and the schemes adapted where necessary, the RSGB will apparently be launching the initiatives nationally in Spring 2020.

What is Brickworks

According to the August 2018 RSGB Board Minutes, the Brickworks project will be complementary to another initiative called “Amateur Radio Discovery“, and is intended to encourage the retention of new licence holders and their development into active practitioners. The report mentions that this could be viewed as a “kind of Duke of Edinburgh’s awards scheme for amateur radio”. Brickworks is apparently designed to be administered by clubs and has 21 activities in 4 main areas.

The October 2018 RadCom refers to “an awards scheme for newly-licensed individuals, executed by clubs but managed centrally” to promote and encourage progression” and providing “a mechanism to nurture individuals on their journey into amateur radio”. The, then unnamed, project was set to be launched by “mid-2019”.

The RSGB Board has agreed to support, promote and RSGB-brand Brickworks, and it is likely that this will be hosted on RSGB servers and the RSGB web site.

How does Brickworks Work?

At the time of writing, no details are available, but a Brickworks scheme is being run by the Quantum Amateur Radio & Technology Society.

We’ve no idea how close the RSGB’s Brickworks Scheme will be to Quantum’s, but essentially Quantum’s Brickworks is a one-year scheme for the newly-licensed amateur to attend Brickworks sessions and complete activities. The more sessions you attend and activities you complete, the better your skills, and the higher the level of certificate attainable (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum). The following link may give an insight into what to expect from the scheme: Brickworks – Building on the Foundation.

Who’s running Brickworks?

The RSGB TEC (Training & Education Committee) appears to have been replaced by a new group, the Amateur Radio Development Group (ARDG). According to the January 2019 RSGB Board Minutes, this new group will cover: Schools Link, Train the Trainers, project development, Beyond Exams, the Disability WG and Morse Competency.

We understand that Brickworks is part of “Beyond Exams”, so will be looked after by the new ARDG. In April 2019, the RSGB recruited for a Beyond Exams Champion to look after the launch and running of Beyond Exams initiatives, managing applications to the schemes and supplying timely information to enquirers, as well as promoting the schemes through RadCom, RSGB website, social media, events such as RSGB Convention, Hamfest, and to the VLT and Regional Team.

Brickworks – The new RSGB Retention Scheme expected in 2019

That’s all we know so far. Heard anything? Please add a comment below…

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