Your Club’s Purpose

What is the point of your club?

Sorry if this seems a blunt question, but it’s one that each club should ask itself now and again.

We believe that it’s important that every club should have a “mission statement”, clearly explaining what the club does.

Run a club? Answer this simple question…

Who are you there to serve – your members, radio amateurs, those new to the hobby, or “everyone”?

  • Members: If you’re there to serve your members – when did you last ask them what they actually wanted?
  • Radio Amateurs: Is your club offering something that other clubs don’t? What, to use a marketing expression, is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?
  • Those new to the hobby: How friendly is your site for newcomers? What skills development do you do for newcomers?
  • Everyone: Running a club for “everyone” is a challenge – you’ll need stuff to appeal to someone sitting their first radio exam, and a G3 with 40 years experience under his or her belt

Mission Statement

This site has been created by the team behind Essex Ham, a “virtual” club in Essex. Essex Ham’s mission statement consists of three points:

  • To Promote Amateur Radio (raising awareness and encouraging people to get involved)
    To Support Amateurs & Clubs (with help and advice)
    To Share Information (activities, clubs and training)

… and all activities are assessed against these criteria. The site you’re reading now, is for clubs, therefore meets our “Support” and “Share” objectives


We’d encourage your club to think out its audience and unique selling point – and come up with a Mission Statement that clearly explains, internally and externally) what the club’s aims are.