Supporting and Nurturing Your Members

Members should be the lifeblood of a club, but from our research, there are challenges for today’s clubs:

  • An aging and less-active membership
  • It’s a struggle to attract and retain new members
  • Amateurs are perhaps less loyal to their local club these days
  • There’s not enough people in the club to “do stuff”

Thoughts from the RSGB

At the 2017 Convention, the then RSGB President, Nick Henwood, have a presentation called “Breaking The Mould”. This is a must-watch for every club:

What can your club do?

Ask your members what they want (details on how to do this soon)
Support your enthusiastic members to try their ideas (details on how to do this soon)
Are you doing training (even something minimal using online training)? If not, you should be! (details on how to do this soon)
How are you helping your new members to develop new skills and stay interested? (A page of ideas to be added soon)
Find out what other clubs in your area are doing well (details on how to do this soon)
Consider a sub-group within your club (details on how to do this soon)


We’ll be fleshing this page out more shortly.

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