Realtek RTL SDR £10 Dongle Explored

The Realtek RTL2832U dongle is probably about the most useful thing that a ham can spend £10 on. It’s a USB dongle that you plug into your PC, and with the installation of a piece of free software, you have a powerful Software Defined Radio (SDR) that can receive signals from 24MHz right up into the GHz range. We’ve already put together a page on this device (see Realtek SDR for under £20), but we’re now adding this dedicated page to help with purchase, installation and usage of this handy little dongle. Realtek RTL2832U SDR Dongle Availability Here’s where to get the original RTL-SDR dongle (R820T chipset), or the second generation blue model with the R820T2 chipset offering slightly better … Continue reading Realtek RTL SDR £10 Dongle Explored