Course Test Answer Log

We occasionally hear from people on our courses that one or more answers in a multiple-choice didn’t register correctly. For more on this, see our FAQ Entry

If this has affected you, to help us out, please provide as much data as possible, and we’ll see if we can find a pattern:

    Your Name: First name: Last Name:
    Email Address
    Which course are you on?
    Which test did you have a problem with?
    How many questions were affected?
    What platform / operating system were you using (e.g. Windows, Mac, iPad, etc)
    What browser were you using? (include browser version number)
    What other browser(s) did you try? (include browser version number)
    How did you try to resolve this? (e.g. clearing cache, trying other browser, etc)
    How were you selecting your answers? (e.g. mouse, keyboard 'tab', cursor keys, touch-screen, etc)
    How many modules has this happened with?
    Any other notes to help us?



    Results so far:

    Date Submitted by Course Detail / Resolution
    20/06/20 Bob D Fast Track Ooops, a big sorry, my head was so convinced that I had the right answers that I didn’t read the assessment properly. I have now. I’m the problem not schoology! Lesson learnt