Foundation Online: Module 3 – Transmitters & Receivers

This page contains material that forms part of the Essex Ham Foundation Online training course, and is intended for those studying using our online course.

Foundation Licence Manual section:

Refer to pages 9 to 11 of the Foundation Licence Manual

Video Material:

The following video covers all of the material in this module. You can view the video from this web page, or download the video to your computer or smartphone. We’d ask that you don’t share the video on social media, to prevent out-of-date versions being circulated.

YouTube Version

You can make the video full-screen by clicking the square icon in the video’s bottom-right.

Local Version

Want to download a copy of this video to view without an Internet connection?
Right-click to Save the video: Foundation Online – Transmitters & Receivers Video




PowerPoint Slides

See “3. Transmitters & Receivers” here: Foundation Online Slides

Please review the material for this module, then work through the first module in the online classroom. There will be a short quiz at the end of this module.


More: Foundation Online Course


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