C24: A module shows as “Must Complete”

Occasionally, there can be a small lag in updating the “completed” information in Schoology. This is a noticeable issue at the moment as the Schoology platform is hugely busy due to schools moving to online teaching during COVID.

The problem is nothing to worry about, and normally sorts itself out in a few hours. In almost all cases, this doesn’t stop you moving on to the next module or cause any actual problem.

Must Complete

It’s an annoying “niggle” with Schoology, but it indicates that their servers are quite busy, and it almost never affects the flow of the course.

We’d ask that you don’t email us about this, or post anything in the classroom, unless this is actually stopping you from progressing.

In the rare chance that it IS causing you a real problem and you can’t progress, here are some suggestions:

  • Double-check you have viewed every single page of the last module, as there is a chance that you have genuinely not completed it. (you can’t progress until each page of the previous module has been viewed)
  • Try logging off and on again
  • Try waiting a couple of hours
  • We’ve also had reports that clearing the browser cache can help

If you find that you really can’t progress, and have tried all of the above, then the option of last resort is to raise a support request with Schoology to get them to look at your account. Schoology Support Request


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