Essex Ham Zello Net 01

Always keen to try something new, we had a different type of net this evening, Thursday the 11th of April 2019.

Oscar 2E1HWE, who’s recently returned to the hobby, found himself running a mini-net on Zello, in conjunction with our regular GB3DA Monday Night Net last Monday. After the net, we discussed the idea of a newbie net on Zello, aimed at those working towards getting their licence – as a place to chat, practice and ask questions.

Oscar chaired his first net on Essex Ham’s Zello / Network Radio channel tonight. The net ran, as a trial, for an hour, and at the peak, we had 16 people connected.

Those active were:

  • Oscar 2E1HWE (Southend)
  • Richard M3FHI (South Woodham)
  • Martin M7BHP
  • Pete M0PSX (Southend)
  • Dave M0TAZ
  • Steve NR221
  • Shirley  M7PSJ (Yorkshire)
  • Shane M0VUB (Nottingham)
  • Simon VA3SSI (Canada)
  • Steve G7BXU (Reading)
  • Joel G0URK

Yes, we’re aware that Network Radio and Zello is a) not amateur radio, and b) controversial… but it does provide a way for non-licensed people to chat, and for people unable to join our Monday Night Net as they’re out of area (or in Canada).

We’re hoping that Oscar may be interested in running the net on a regular basis, and that our Foundation Online candidates may be interested in taking part and using the net to gain experience and have a place to practise QSOs and ask questions.

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