What is a virtual club?

There are various different definitions of “virtual club” and “online club” out there.

We like to think of Essex Ham as an “online community”, or possibly a “hub”. Here’s our summary of how our virtual club differs from a traditional amateur radio club:

  • Shared Resource:  Since launch, members have contributed reviews, handouts, videos and files. These are stored, or linked to, via our site, making Essex Ham a sizable online repository for files, user guides, reviews and answers to common questions
  • Community: We promote what’s going on in the area as well as nationally – through our shared events calendar, we keep members up-to-date with local events and what other clubs are up to. Our News section acts as a newsletter to let you know of anything new that’s happening locally or nationally 
  • Knowledge-sharing: We have some very knowledgable members, and we use online resources to link everyone together, with tools such as our online forum, Facebook Group, Twitter, live chat room and Groups.io Email chat
  • Help & Advice: With over 2,000 members, if you’ve got a question you want answered, there are several ways to ask, and a good chance that someone can help
  • Training Courses: Our courses are online using a “virtual” classroom – no need to attend a physical location, and the course includes lessons, mocks, videos, handouts, group chat and webinars
  • Flexibility: Our structure means that we don’t have the constraints that a traditional club has – we’re also structured so that don’t need to run by committee
  • No costs*: Without the need to hire venues, people can meet 24/7, for free. (*Well, there are costs associated with running Essex Ham, but we don’t charge for membership or courses)

  • No geographical limits: We have over 2,000 members – mostly in the UK, but many overseas, meaning that people can feel a part of what we’re doing, even though we’re not in Essex

That said, we still do a number of non-virtual activities, such as occasional field days, nets on the GB3DA repeater in Essex, and we attend local rallies and club events. Our focus remains on being an online community.

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