Foundation Amateur Radio Courses Exams in Essex

If you’re looking to take Foundation Course, practical session, or exam in or around Essex, here’s a map and a list of all of the upcoming training courses and exam sessions that we know of.

For information on what you’ll need to learn for the entry-level Foundation course, see: How to become a ham.

Amateur Radio Foundation Training Course

Foundation Courses & Exams in and around Essex


Due to the current Coronavirus situation, local face-to-face training sessions are not taking place, and the RSGB is not arranging any exams at any level at any of the Exam Centres. Until further notice, RSGB is offering Foundation exams online, with practicals being suspended. For the latest, see COVID-19 & Exams – latest Updates.

Note that our free Foundation Online exam course IS still running, and is a great way to prepare for the online exam offered by the RSGB. To enrol, visit Foundation Online Registration


The following short video clip gives an overview of one of our candidates taking our online course, and an RSGB online exam:


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