Setting up the Moonraker HT-90E for GB3DA Danbury Repeater

It’s always handy to have a spare 2 metre handheld radio, and I’ve just got myself the low-end Moonraker portable. If you’re interested, I’ve just written a review, which you’ll find here: Moonraker HT-90E Review

The manual is a little basic, and as setting up repeaters on handhelds isn’t easy at the best of times, I thought a “how-to” might help.

Moonraker HT-90E

The Moonraker HT-90E VHF Transceiver


Programming the Danbury GB3DA Repeater

Here are the steps that I used to get the HT-90E so that it can work the GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater:

  • Enter Receive frequency: Switch on the radio and type 145.725 for the output of the repeater
  • Set the Repeater offset: Next, you need to set the Repeater offset, which is 600kHz. This is not the radio’s default setting! To set, press F 9. Use the arrows to get to option 4 “Diffr”, then press the F button. Type in the offset as “00.600”. Make sure you enter the two zeros after the 6, even though it’s not displayed on screen. You get a longer beep after the last two zeros. Then press F to save
  • Set the Repeater offset to Minus: Press F 5 until you see a minus sign in the top right of the screen. See the screenshot below. F 5 scrolls between +, – and blank
  • Set the CTCSS tone: Press F 8. Then use the arrow keys to scroll to 110.9. Once there, press F to save. On the display, there should now be a small speaker icon (which is the CTCSS icon). See screenshot below

That should be everything set.

HT-90E Screen showing Danbury Repeater

HT-90E Screen showing Danbury Repeater

Want to save this to a memory? Set up access (as above), then do the following:

  • Press F and the * key. The memory preset number will flash to the left of the frequency. Use the Up / Down buttons to get to a numbered preset and press F to save

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Setting up the Moonraker HT-90E for GB3DA Danbury Repeater — 17 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for this!! I was about to throw my Moonraker out of the window having been totally unable to get it to work with the Reading repeater. Thanks to your instructions it will now live!

    Thanks again

  2. Great bit if info, saved me losing yet more hair.
    Any idea what headset and microphone can be used, other than the speaker mic that moonraker produce?

  3. Do you have to charge the battery from new i just bought this radio today having read your review and if you do for how long it don’t mention this in the instruction book.
    cheers Greg.

    • Just to confirm, you’re trying to get the Danbury repeater? You need to make sure that you are in range of the repeater and set to the receive frequency of 145.725MHz. If you’re out of range, you may need to connect to a better antenna, or try a different repeater. If you’re still having problems, please give us some more information and we’ll try to help

    • OK. We’ll help if we can. It should be a case of using the above instructions, but replacing the frequency and CTCSS tones listed above for the frequency and codes for your repeater. If you need more help, please let us know which step you’re struggling with.

  4. Hi thank god you’re out there, i was going nut’s the instructions are very poor, i have seen and read informative beer mats with more knowledge, anyway i’m from Hawkinge near folkestone and i use the repeater 145.750 and followed your very clear instructions and all is well and i’m getting over my nervous break down. Cheer’s and all the best to all in Essex. Steve M6AKH

  5. Great read, I have struggled to transmit using mine since I got it. Im trying to use Norwich repeater. I can pick up the news on a sunday evening and the occasional chatter but I cant seem to get to chat. I know its only 5w but I thought I would be able to talk.

  6. A bit late for most people but you can use the TYT 800 programming software for these radios. When you run the software most headers come as ???? because of the Chinese language but it is possible to program the radio with out issue I have just programmed 38 memories in 10mins.



  7. hi can you tell me is there a pdf file for this handheld as ive misplaced mine somewhere in the house,its driving me mad to try and set this without the no-how hi hi 73s de mm3gpl gavin

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