Programming the Quansheng TG-UV2 from a PC

The Quansheng TG-UV2 is a great handheld radio for amateur radio use. The only down-side is that it can be a little tricky to set up. Programming in things such as the Repeater settings on the radio itself can be a little tricky (See our page Setting up the Quansheng TG-UV2 for GB3DA Danbury Repeater)

If you own one of these radios and want to program it – forget faffing around with the buttons on the front of the radio, and set it up from the PC. It’s much easier, and gives you greater control.

What you’ll need

Quansheng Programming Lead

Kenwood Programming lead for the Quansheng TG-UV2

I ordered a Kenwood programming lead for £5 from Hong Kong – much cheaper than buying from a UK ham radio retailer. It took around 10 days to be delivered. Mine was supplied with software on a mini-CD

Installing the programming software

The software is a bit rough-and-ready, and it’s also in Chinese by default. The software we were supplied with is called Quansheng Radio Programming Software for TG-UV-D1.4

At the time of writing, software for programming the TG-UV2 is available for download from the following sites:

(TG-UV2 software may need to be extracted after being download – Use a RAR extractor, such as Frog)

Install the software before connecting the programming lead to the computer.

Some people have reported a problem installing the TG-UV2 software. The “gotcha” is that for some, the filename includes Chinese characters (showing as squares). Rename the file if necessary to TG-UV.exe , then run it.

When you first run the program, you’ll note it’s all in Chinese, save for one word on the menu: “English”. Press this, and it should switch language.

Connecting the radio to the PC

With the programming software installed, now connect the programming lead to the PC. The lead is a Serial-to-USB converter, and the PC should now install the drivers.

At this point, my PC complained that it missing a file. It was trying to install the “Prolific USB-to-Serial” driver, and missing the file ser2pl.sys . In the end, I downloaded this sys file from, copied it into c:\windows\system32\drivers, and then completed the installation.

When researching this article, I also found drivers for 64-bit operating systems here:

The next tricky bit was getting the software to talk to the radio. The Quensheng software only supports COM ports 1 to 4, so you need to get the PC to use one of these ports.

To do this in Windows XP, go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager and look under “Ports”

Find “Prolific USB-to-Serial”. Right-click this, select Properties. Select the Port Settings tab, and press Advanced.

Configure Lead to use a lower COM port

Configure Lead to use a lower COM port

With the PC set to use the lead on COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4, go into the Quansheng software, go into the Set menu and change the COM port to match the one you set in Device Manager.

Now, you should be able to connect the radio to the PC using the programming lead. Under the Program menu, there is the option to read from, or write to, the Quansheng.

Programming the Quansheng TG-UV2

The hard part is over. Once the radio and PC can talk, setting up presets is pretty self-explanatory. Here is a screenshot of the software configured for some of the repeaters that can be heard in SE England:

Quansheng Programming Interface

Quansheng Programming Interface

The fields available are:

  • No: The memory number
  • RX Fre: The Receive frequency
  • TX Fre: The Transmit frequency. 2 metre repeaters are normally 600KHz lower.
  • QT/DQT Decode: The receive CTCSS/DCS code (ignore for repeaters)
  • QT/DQT Encode: The transmit CTCSS/DCS code (needed for repeaters)
  • Step: Frequency Step in KHz
  • Reverse: On/Off switches TX and RX frequencies
  • TX Power: High=5w, Medium: 2.5W, Low=1w
  • Scramble: Voice scramble feature
  • W/N: Wide or narrow band
  • Freq: VHF or UHF
  • Name: 6 character name for each preset
  • Scan Add:Include in preset scan

When you have set up your presets, use the Program > Write Data to InterPhone to send the new memories to the radio. There’s no need to set anything on the radio when transferring.

Uploading presets to Quansheng

Uploading presets to Quansheng

Quansheng Essex Repeaters Data File

If it’s of any help, I’ve created a file containing some of the common repeaters that can be opened in Essex. Download the Quansheng  TG-UV2 Essex Repeaters Settings – This is a 15k DAT file


Your Questions

CTCSS Tones: Steven asked us if it’s possible to programme the CTCSS tone of 131.8, as that’s the tone used by his local repeater.

We checked, and there’s no problem programming that CTCSS tone from the Quansheng PC software. Here’s a screenshot:

Programming CTCSS on the Quansheng TG-UV2

Programming CTCSS on the Quansheng TG-UV2

Got a question on this radio? Add a comment below, or better still, ask in our Essex Ham Hardware Forum

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Programming the Quansheng TG-UV2 from a PC — 67 Comments

  1. Excellent, I am giving a talk tonight at CARS on programming these Chineese radios and will tell everyone about your website. The Quansheng has a lot in common with the Wouxun and the TYT radios, all built on a Kenwood chassis, but they will not use the same serial to USB lead, as there is a voltage difference that will result in the screen showing a line 802 error message on the screen. For the money, these radios are not bad, I still prefer the VX range from Yaesu but then they are considerably more outlay for very similar features. A good consice explanation of how to programme a Quansheng.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I’m coming along tonight (6th Sept 11) with my laptop and a Quansheng – happy to demo the process to any interested members! Pete 2E0PSL

  3. Hi Pete.

    As usual a great resource you have here. I have just ordered my TG-UV2 and thought I would get the dat file ready.
    Your link to your dat file appears to be broken! ;-)
    Also, the only link I could get to download the software from was the last one and that seem to be an older version than they one you have as it doesnt seem to have some of the fields. Most useful and missing from that version is the channel name. Any ideas?

    Anyway, keep up the good work

    73 – Alan

  4. Well I found a solution to the software version. your second link has the upto date version, but you do need a rar extractor to use it.

    73 – Alan

  5. Hi Alan,

    Double-checked and the DAT file seems to be in place OK. Checked on two browsers, no apparant problems.

    As for the software – it keeps moving around. I’ll have a look for a better site…

    73s, Pete

  6. I’m trying to program 152.36750 but it won’t let me.
    It keeps rounding up or down.

    Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I suspect it is one of those strange “splinter systems” used in America, which requires a 2.5 kHz Step, which very few of the Chinese radios have as an option.


  7. FWIW, can’t get to that frequency either (via keypad or PC software). Unable to get to that channel with a Yaesu or a Baofeng, so it’s not unique to the Quansheng.

    My assumption was that the radio is set to the wrong step frequency (12.5KHz step by default), but the other steps don’t let me get there either. Are you sure this is the correct frequency?

    • Yes, unfortunately it’s my company’s frequency.
      I have the FCC license to prove it :(

      I can program it into my Vertex 210-A, what Yeasu did you try it in, I was thinking of buying a FT-60r in place of the Quensheng.

      Thanks for trying!

  8. Pete

    In your description of the Fields, you mention “QT/DQT Decode” twice. The second entry should be “QT/DQT Encode”.


  9. I’m trying to download programming software for my TG-25AT. When it comes up for download, it has 5 squares and I don’t know what to type there. Can you help, or do you know another site from which to download?
    Any help is apprec.

  10. Hi guys!
    I bought a TG-UV2, and my plan is to use it as a hunting radio and as a spare radio when I fly my ultra light. But the frequensies for the air band are not present in the VHF set up.
    Is it possible to open the radio up for 118 – 136 mHz with this software?


  11. have installed usb software changed the com port to 1
    installed the software for data exchange of quangsheng elect – {Channel Information….
    however when i click the Machine tab it says TG-500 doesnt let me change it to anything else ???? any ideas stuck on this for a while now
    the links on the blog are broken now im wondering do i have the right program or have i downloading the wrong one? im sure it TGuv2 thaks in advanced for any addvice
    immm stuck

  12. Hi,

    Very good tutorial!

    I have two questions.

    When I tried enter a frecuency, el software said “Invalid Number”. I tried entered:

    and the other question is: I put label to 20 memories, but when I sent to the radio, write onlye 15 (more or less), the rest is put like “CHA-161 .. 162.. etc”

    any ideas?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Gino, CE3PGM

    • Hi Gino,

      You have to set the decimal separator as ‘.’ (point) in your system (Windows here).
      See in language options in your control panel.
      The Quansheng software only use defaul parameters for encoding numbers.


  13. I too order two of these radio, my question is however that I want to add more freqs but enter them half way down the list, version 1.4 does not let me insert a line, do I have to rewirte the whole program, also I’m running win 7 and have the usb driver software as well, is this going to be an issue ? also do I have to enter all the UHF freqs and save as one file and the VHF and save as another or can I post everything in one file, how with they display say 1- 35 for each band ?

  14. I have recently bought a HT wouxun KG-UVD1P radio, but i failed to get a USB cable and therefore i want to fabricate it myself. Can you help me get the pin-outs for the USB cable. It would be very helpful for me.

    • Two of the three links are working fine. We’ve removed one dead link. Added another link to a site with current software, so you should be ok

      • Thx, once again. I manage to download. Now my next question. How safe is it? I was told by the seller that if i get a wrong copy (usually downloaded from the internet other than the official website) it may corrupt the file in the HT.

        • It’s available from the Quansheng official site, if you want to download it from them – otherwise perhaps contact the seller and ask them to send you a copy?

  15. I have latest version of software 1.62 and its so fuckning stupid…. impossible read or write channel name from/to memory 160 and above! you just get “000000”… ASS!

  16. hi have download tg-uv2 software. can you advise as to how to save the sheet with details and be able to open again for editing. it says its a (*.dat) file but when saved it will not open and asked for a programe to do so?

    any help appreciated

    thanks john

  17. Your article helped over here across the pond. Setting the com port had me till I read your article and remembered the machine port could be controlled from inside the device settings. Your refresher course helped alot.
    73’s KA6PSD
    Phoenix, Arizona

  18. I hawe a problem whith my Quanseng.
    The problem is the up line to the numbers ( i cant make the difference if is o or u, 1 or 7) and the up line of the screen (TX CT DCS PRI DW T + – R WX) it dos not appear.
    Does anyone know how to solve the problem?
    This defect it has a new, purchased from Honk Kong, but I can not send in service because the sipping cost 1/3 of the radio.
    I was unlucky
    Thank you.

  19. I’m trying to get the frecuecias to program the PC UV2 TG when I write I will write RX and TX otrfo menu or get imput error, someone knows what is this or someone who has had this experience and it has cleared, thanks

  20. Hi Pete,
    Just been having an arguement with Win 7 getting the USB cable to work for programming TG-UV2. Got it working eventually and thought id share some findings the file ser2pl.sys like you said has to go in to windows/system32/drivers but also the link for downloading the TG-UV2 interface software 409shop. when you navigate to it at the top of the web page there is a link for usb windows 7 but its is a link for yaesu apparently but if that is downloaded and installed then install the TG-UV2 software it then works. have no idea why your documented steps did not work this time as it was fine in the past on several machines just had one that was being a pain……. Best 73’s

  21. Still unable to enter repeater freq into my h/t. Followed instructions given for your repeater but am getting something other than what you indicated. Help please.

  22. Thoroughly enjoyed this site, very imformative. when I sent for my TG-UV2 I
    also sent foe programming cable, the one shown in your photo.. This cable did not work. I have a serial to USB that I use for other radios which has drivers and works fine on all my other radios. I then sent for a “Kenwood” to serial cable ( which I thought was from the UK £8.95). It turned out it was shipped from China as well. At this moment in time I have programmed the radio, by borrowing a original Kenwood cable from my friend also using his serial- usb cable which has drivers.
    The Kenwood cable I bought has the pins wired as per the diagram on the web. but does not work, it just puts the radio into TRANSMIT. beware. I therefore urge all users not to buy cables from China, they do not work… my mate has a thousand hung up in his shack… What should have been an easy five minute job has been a nightmare… John

  23. Hi
    It seems you know a lot about TG-UV2 so I want to ask you something. I use my TG-UV2 for paragliding and I need to build in microphone and speaker in my helmet. I have a mono phone and I will use the cable and connectors. I need a wiring diagram so I know which wire goes to different parts of the pins. Do you know where to get it?

  24. You guys know any software BreakingBenjamin-Interlocking channel for QUANSHENG? I’m needing to make radio listening aviation if anyone knows I would be very grateful.

  25. Hi,
    I made little software that helps me with programming of this radio. It is DAT file editor. I needed to move rows up and down, import data from one DAT to another, edit more rows together etc. All those things are not possible to do in original program from Qansheng. So I made my own utility called QaEDIT. This utility is pure DAT file editor. For uploading to radio you would still need Quansheng Software. (Latest one is TG-UV-D1.72) I decided to publish my program. May be someone will find it useful. You can download it e.g. here

  26. I tried to connect my QS to PC via USB cable with no result.

    I used following drivers:

    All show Error (code 10)
    My OS is Win 7 64 bit…. Any suggestions what I did wrong?

  27. Hi,

    When I try to program my radio, the program tells me all the time,”INPUT ERROR ”, can you help me with this problem?

    • More exactly it is when I try to enter the RX fr. I tried all sorts of ways without success. Ex: 167.700000, 167 700, 167 700 000 …. and suddenly INPUT ERROR.

      • Probably you have problem with regional & language settings in your PC. Programming software from Quansheng requires US English formatting of decimal numbers. Look e.g. here:

        If you don’t want to change regional settings, there is also following option. Open Quansheng program. Go to file menu and select “Save As”. In such way you will create an empty DAT file. Then download QaEdit.

        With QaEdit you can open this empty DAT file and you can program and edit all memory rows as you need. Then save DAT again and reopen it in original Quansheng software. From Quansheng software just upload this file to the radio.

  28. Hello everyone.!!
    I recently bought a TG-UV2 and Prolific USB to serial cable with version of driver. After installing everything, I have not managed to establish communication. The version of the soft is the TG-UV.D1.72. the error is \please check all connections and ports comunications\ in windows appears as Prolific USB port 4. 9600 baudios
    Do I have to put the TG-UV2 in some special way?
    I’ve done everything and I would appreciate help.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • You can change he comm ports within the software, however you will still have to ‘force’ a comm port change in your ‘device manager’, i have found ‘comm port 2’ works fine…..

  29. Hi I’ve managed to get the cable that came with my quansheng to work with other radios, namely the baofeng gt3 and using chirp software, but this cable will not work with my quansheng using the tguv2 software and chirp doesn’t support the quansheng.

    I get an 8020 error when using the tguv2 software and the existing cable which I know works fine. I saw the bit about the voltages differences causing the error. does anyone know how to get around this problem?

    Very frustrated now!

  30. Problem solved. I went back to my old XP machine and downloaded the TGUV2 software and loaded the driver off the disc. I connected the cable and the drivers loaded ok. So far so good. I had to alter the com ports accordingly on the PC to allow it to work which is pretty standard anyway. However I couldn’t alter the com ports on the software – ports 2-4 were greyed out.
    When I interrogated the radio the PC read it but only pulled off certain channels and not others. also the software only allowed for 100 channels, not the 200 that my Quansheng radio has.
    When I looked at the old PC again I realised I had a different version of the TGUV software – TGUVD. This software has the 200 channels required to program the radio. I opened this up and read the radio no problem, pulling off all the channels as stored in the radio and I’ve managed to reprogram it as required.
    I’m now wondering if the TGUVD software would work on the W7 machine…guess what I’m going to try next?
    The only thing I would say is that it’s not as easy as some software to program. You can’t copy and paste entire lines of channel programming or move channels up or down. You have to enter each line manually so it’s a bit long winded! Also it doesn’t save or import XL compatible files such as .csv files – it saves the file as a .dat file which means you can only open it with the TGUV software. Also if you try and open a file with programming already displayed in the software the whole program falls over, so wo betide you if you haven’t already saved it!

  31. Hello, I have a problem with radios Quansheng TG-UV2, what happens is that they are already programmed manually on the frequency that I manage, but when wanting to transmit the QUANSHENG to other radios brand kenwood not listen to me, just the hear them, cooperation could help me? thx

    • sounds like you havent programmed teh CTCSS or DCS codes. The other radios probably have encode and decode programmed so you have to program the correct codes to match those radios.

      Us a frequency sniffer with CTCSS search such as the Bearcat 3500XLT to suss out what the other radios are using.

  32. I am able to read and write to my my to TG-UV2 radios from windows 7 using the Prolific driver and the TG-UV-D 1.4 software. My question is about the default last 5 lines in the channel listing “FM 100.00000…, VHF1 145.00000…., UHF1 370.00000…, UHF2 430.00000…, UHF3 500.00000….”; what are these lines used for?

    • Answering my own question here. It appears that these are the default starting frequencies the radio tunes to when you switch between the 5 band ranges.

  33. Hello anyone,
    I’m new here so maybe i have missed a lot of messages about the tg-uv software so i try to make myself clear. i can read and write to the tg-uv2 so that is no problem. when i try to make input in the program every time i get the message wrong input. does enyone hav a running program for me? i’m using a dell laptop with w7 prof.
    many thanks.
    73 de pe1fwd, jan

  34. Hi i have this radio with antenna watson WHXX-270 however i pick very little up also wen i do no one can here me just crackles on there end any one help please

  35. Hello. Very informative page here, thanks for posting this. With your help I’ve managed program my TG-UV2 with little trouble.

    Quick question:

    In one of your screen shots you appear to have programmed all of your repeaters as Narrow Band. In the very next screen shot they are Wide Band. Did you switch from one Bandwidth to the other? Which are you using currently? I’ve been under the impression that amateur radio has not been mandated to change to Narrow Band, that the Narrowbanding requirement was limited to Commercial and Public Safety frequencies only. Or at least that seems to be the case in the U.S. Is the Narrow Band requirement different in the UK?
    Thanks for your help!
    Gordon, Portland, Oregon

  36. Hi, I got this stupid TG-UV2, when I got it I cannot enter my required frequency. When I try to key in 146.415, it beeps and return to 145.000.
    Regardless How I try to clear and reset, I still cannot enter what I need.
    Any expert can help? I did ask Quansheng about the problem but NO reply!!!


  37. Hi Pete. thanks for your advice. However, I changed to step 5 or any others, but still cannot set my frequency to 146.415 nor any other above 145.000. I think my unit is at fault! Bob

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